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Brad Cardoza, CSCS
Here is a photo of me from my workout today with 765 on the bar 
from the floor, bands were there too, but no help from the knee up.
Just another satisfied APT customer!!

Real Customer feedback sent into APT
Want a reference to what APT offers with its Pro Gear?  This is
it and its REAL from the beginners to the Pros just like you. 
APT DOES NOT make this stuff up!!

"Man thanks a lot for the information. You keep on with the great products you are making. I have a fuse wrist from a accident I had 5 years ago and just started a dead lift program. I just can't believe how much your wrist straps have help me with my lift and it doesn't even hurt my wrist. The type I am talking about is the APT secure wrist lifting strap w/ 2" webbing. I would recommend this to anyone who has had a wrist injury." Thanks,
Michael J.
Hi, my name is Greg Altorfer, im the Fitness Director of Mississippi
State University.  I purchased two sets of your straps for my Head
Trainer and myself last week, and well, DAM THESE THINGS ARE GREAT!

I had no idea someone cared (or was smart) enough to make a set of
lifting straps that much better than all the other crap out there. 

I just wanted to say thank you, for taking the time, effort and
OUT set of lifting straps.

saw my Head Trainer (Brad "Lift or DIE" Holt) and myself training with
your straps last week was asking us about where we got them.  I can
assure you, we will be giving you guys a lot of new customers!

Thank you,

Greg Altorfer,
Mississippi State University
Fitness Director
Thanks you guys at APT.  I've been looking for a solution to my grip
strength issues on a couple of exercises and you have finally answered it
for me.  Today I did my first workout with my "Extreme Hook" lifting straps
and they worked beautifully.   I was able to move up in weights and exercise
my muscles to exhaustion confidently without worry about my grip strength
giving out and shortening or lessening my workout.

Thanks a lot!  I will recommend you to anyone I know who works out, and I
will show the APT badge on my straps with pride.
Nathan N. Aileo
Tried the wriststraps first time this evening as I did back. I am
thrilled to say the least! I have tried, I think, some 4 different
makes of straps before, and none of them have agreed with me. I find
myself constantly trying to find a good grip. and when  find it is lost
after a few reps.

With your straps I had no such problems whatsoever. They stayed in
place, provided an incredible support, and I was able to focus
completely on lifting. Coming home I amused myself by calculating how
much, on average, using the straps meant in weight lifted per exercise,
where the straps were used: an increase of about 30%! That is a lot.

So, I can't thank you enough for bringing these to my attention. It is
quite obvious they have been designed by someone who knows lifting! I
will most certainly spread the word over here and show these to other

My very best,  Roland

I have used my straps for a few weeks now and absolutely love them....The
lifting cuffs are awesome for deads and straight-bar pull-ups...I'll never
go back to conventional straps for these 2 exercises.

Thanks, Dwayne P.

"APT, Hey man I really appreiciate the straps you sent me.
They have helped me make some huge gains with my deads
and Heavy DB shrugs. You have the best straps I have
ever used and I have been talking them up as much as I
can. Plus wearing your shirt you gave me. Let me know
if you have any new stuff coming out. Thanks for the

Chad W.
"Hello APT,
My name is Brad C, and I just purchased my first pair of APT wrist straps. 
These are the best straps I've ever owned, and I will be using them at the Azalea
Festival in April for the truck tire deadlift event.  I'm trying to make the new 105kg
IFSA lightweight pro class, wish me luck.  Here is a pick of me from my workout
today with 765 on the bar.  from the floor, Bands were there too, but no help from
the knee up.  I will keep you updated on my progress, thanks for the great product."
Brad C, Strongman, CSCS
"Alan, I had to take a second today to express how happy I am with my first
purchase of APT Pro Straps.  I have been lifting now for around 2 years and
have finally hit weight that I can no longer support with my own grip.
After reading many reviews and comments on your web page from other users,
I decided it was time to order.  Here is what I ordered and my thoughts....
The first strap I used was the Kevlar Motivator, 24 inches long with the
flaming skull.  This is one serious strap.  I did 3 sets of Deadlifts and
was surprised at how much more weight I could handle.  I also loved the
texture of the cotton as it is very grippy and strong.  I also added the
wrist padding and anti-wear feature which made a big difference over the
cheaper brands.  No pinching in the wrist, and they seem like they will
never wear out.  Next I tried the Hell on the Hill straps also in 24".
These performed the same as the Skulls, but man do these things stand out
in the gym.  I have never seen such a killer color and patch combo for a
lifting accessory.  Again, Bullet-proof design and killer look in the same
package.  Last but not least was the Lee Priest Lifting Cuff, 2" wide.  I
was a bit worried when I ordered these as one size will NOT fit all.  After
so very simple measures, I placed the order.  A few days later they arrived
which I could not believe.  Where else could you go and have custom made
strap done and shipped within a day!  Many Thanks to Alan for this quick
service.  The Lee Priest Straps are my favorite.  I use them for most heavy
lifts below my waist.  Shrugs have now become fun as I am not struggling to
hold a bar that is ripping out of my hands.  You can feel the difference
the next day when the muscle you were hitting is now in pain and you still
have skin on your palm.  My lifting buddy could not believe how much these
help.  You are a true professional Alan and communication was great.
Everything I ordered was perfect and arrived sooner than I could expect."

Thank You and I look forward to more straps in the future from APT!
Jason K

Thanks so much for replying to my email.  I received the wrist straps today. 
I am so happy with them.  They exceded the expectations that I had for
them and my husband says they are the best straps that he has ever owned! 
Thanks so much for such fantastic service.  It will be my pleasure to do
business with such an efficient company again very soon!  My husband and I
will be recommending your company to our friends here in Japan!
Thanks for everything! Joni m,....Japan

"Hi Alan,
I just received my third pair of Lee Priest Cuffs. I just wanted to let you know that I thought your customer service was excellent. You could have easily been frustrated by my persistence, but you remained friendly and helpful.   I will definitely recommend your store to friends and anyone who is looking for a quality pair of straps. It was a pleasure doing business with you. You are definitely running a professional store and I wish you and your business the best of luck! "
Thank you again. Shyam
"APT.  I just wanted to say thanks for the great products I ordered some lifting straps from you several months ago. I just purchased the knee wraps last week and I worked out with them for the first time today they are great. It is very rare that you run across a line of products with so much quality built into them. I bought the knee wrap wrist wrap set and I am looking forward to using the wrist warps to marrow. Thanks again for a great product: I am telling all of my gym rat buddies about APT. I also mentioned you to the gym manager maybe he could start carrying you products. "           
Sincerely, Gene C
Alan,  "I just got the package.  Thanks so much bro, It's really awesome how helpful
you were.  I can't wait to try the new pair in the gym tomorrow.  I will
tell as many people as i can about you, you are a class act, thanks a ton
bro. "  Josh
Anabolic Paradise forum member
"APT, Thank you very much for the offer. I?m happy to say that they arrived yesterday. I absolutely love them. Hands down these are the best straps I?ve ever owned and the lettering is icing on the cake.Thanks for the great service, and I wish you continued success with your company."        
Take care, Roy

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...."I purchased a few pairs of your Pro Wrist Straps and found them to be a
top-notch product.  I've used other straps in the past and they just weren't
the same quality as the ones you offer.  As the president of Critical Bench.com
I often recommend your lifting straps to powerlifting competitors throughout
the world.  I feel confident doing so because I know they are the best lifting
strap on the market.  APT is one of the best-kept secrets in the Weight Lifting
Industry!  It's been a pleasure doing business with you.  Your customer service
and commitment to excellence is something that is harder and harder to find
today.  Keep up the good work and keep training hard."

Sincerely, Mike Westerdal, President,

I received my APT Pro Wrist Straps today and they are great. The only thing better was your customer
service you are a first class business. Thank you very much for the great products
and service. I will spread the word.               
Thanks APT, Tom


Hey Alan,

I can't express how much I appreciate all these offers you have given to me.
It people like you who make a difference in someone's life. I currently am
using your straps now but my brother has just started his way to strength
training and I know he would much appreciate this. And when I'm due for new
straps and grips I know you guys are my best resource. Your straps have been
the best of quality and longest lasting than all others I formerly had. I
will send all recommendations your way at my gym and whoever I know. And I
will continue to post message boards about your straps as I want to help you
as much as I can. People with a good heart well deserve it. I know
throughout my years in bodybuilding I will always depend on straps. I need
them, I do wrist curls, etc. to strengthen my forearms but it just doesn't
amount to the grip straps give me, so expect my business to come your way.
Its nice to see how much you care about your customers even losing your much
need rest to help each and every individual. I hope it all pays off for you
and wish all your business a success and that's why I will continue to help
you along your path. Like I said you deserve it.

Mark C.--- Ontario Canada

"Alan, Thank you for the Thanksgiving email. I got the wrist straps that I ordered. They arrived really quickly. I have nothing, but good things to say about your products. I'm so glad that I chose your wrist straps. They immediately helped me lift heavier weight, with confidence, because of the stress taken off of my hands. I will definitely send customers your way, and I'll buy from you again! Thank you,  "
Spc Michael Oakley, USA

..."Well, I received my first pair of Pro Wrist Straps, which were free by the way for signing up for your News Letter.

Three words : UN-FUCKING-REAL.

Man, these things are like 10 years ahead of anything Ive ever used. Every pull seemed so much easier; the weights felt lighter.

Im truly impressed and utterly astonished. And theyre damn good looking too. Definitely a loyal customer here."

Man, I dont even know what to say. Theyre just remarkable. I was actually speechless dude! These arent just straps; theyre friggin' an extra pair of arms!

My friends took a look and like the many people in the gym, were like, where the hec did those things come from and like I promised I gave them your site address.

Geez bro, Im actually looking forward to some heavy damn pulls this week. I'll definitely send you some pic; I just dont like showing off, but hell, why not!!

Amir S, Deer Park, New York

"I got the straps Friday afternoon...they are the "Cats Balls"!  I love these things.  I used to use furniture straps which I got bulk rolls of and cut them off at 24",  and just "twisty looped" them, your version, attached at the bottom, is just what I have been looking for. I have already had 4 guys at the gym this morning wanting to know what the hell I was using on my snatch pulls, so, I sent them your way. I hope they contact you. I will do everything in my power to send you all the business I can. 
Thanks again, Robbie S.
p.s., Again, I would like to thank you for your sending a T-shirt to my son, Christian, in Iraq. (USMC), He passes along his sincere appreciation for the gesture.
"Hi Alan,
Glad to see your web site is fully functional now.
I bought a pair of your wrist straps last month
by telephone order, you took my order on the phone
and got the straps to me ASAP before my next
back workout.  They are by far the best straps I have
ever used -- I've gone through quite a few pairs in 16
years of lifting.  So I thought I would pick up a few
extra ones.  Great product.  Thanks!"

         How about a 810 squat                    
Matt pulls a giant 705 lb deadlift

......"I have to tell you that these are the BEST lifting straps that I have ever used.  I have used a
lot of
lifting gear over the years and had to write you to tell you that these are
gear is sometimes lifting gear, but never before have I seen such
an improvement over all the other lifting straps out there. If you happen to put 
this e-mail
on your web site, let me say this to all the lifters who do use lifting straps.  GET YOURSELF
A PAIR.  APT's straps are the king of any strap out there.  Enough said,.....I will send many
buyers your way and you will see me back through your web site soon for a few more pair. 
I attached some pictures just to show your customers that I am a serious lifter and would
not steer anybody in the wrong direction."

Matt "KRASH" K., Michigan

...."Alan,  I have received my set of  straps!!! You were right, the picture does them no justice.  I expected a good quality strap after seeing you web site, but I was wrong...the quality is unbelievable!!!  When I first visited the site it was so hard to choose a strap from the selections.  It took me a few visits to finally pick one and I am so glad I did.  I just want to let you know that I belong to a few Bodybuilding forums and I will be putting your website in my signature.  Thanx again!!!"

Matt R, Norton MA

From: Edmund
Comments:  I have more confidence now after using APT straps while doing shrugs and deadlifts.  I was hesitant until one of the guys at the gym had me use his pair of "Ultimates".  What a difference in comfortability and confidence it created.  Indeed, more guys from the gym will now be ordering straps from your web site.  APT straps gave me the confidence to complete 600 pound shrugs and not worry about the straps giving out.
From Michael:
Comments:  Just a quick note to say I have been using your lifting straps for almost a month now. All I can say is WOW. Excellent product. My lifts that require straps have all gone way up, mainly due the confidence I now have that my straps wont give out. Thanks for an excellent product.

From: Tim
Comments:  Your site is great, and your products are top shelf!!! I got a pair of straps about 4 months ago and they are the best , I've thrown all my other ones away!Thanks for the great products and keep adding to an already great site! Love your site!!! Keep posting the great pictures and continue to make a kickass lifting strap!!!!

From: Aaron
Comments:  This site rocks! All of the lifters on here are awsome They all have my respect, And I hope I can reach their level of intensity sometime in my life. Thanks.

WOW.  If someone were to ask me what felt better, APT'S pro wrist straps or heaven, i would have to say, WHAT'S THE DIFFERENCE?!

It is surprising how much energy is wasted on your grip during a workout, but you wouldn't know until you have used APT'S pro wrist straps.  So many exercises become easier when using the straps enabling you to lift much more weight and build much more muscle and strength.

I was going to give my opinion after a few workouts, but in all fairness, i don't need to, I've used 'em once and there PERFECT!  I can see there are going to be huge gains for me in the future and for anyone else who uses them.

I would not have believed that a simple strap could help me with my training so much!

Thank you

"I recently purchased your straps since I heard so much about them, from so many people st my gym. All the straps I purchased were just poor quality and unreliable. I would always be scared they would break when doing shrugs or deadlifts and the cotton would rip so easily. After going through numerous amounts of falsely advertised straps, I choose to use your straps. After using your lifting straps for almost a month now, all I have to say is I will never look to another product. Excellent product. I truly found the best straps out on the market and my lifts requiring straps have gone up. When doing deadlifts, shrugs, etc. I never have that feeling that something will happen since the quality is top notch. All the best and your recommendation will come from me to anyone."


APT, "I just got the lifting straps delivered at work, they look fantastic and
feel great.  The only bummer is it is 1:30, and I have 3 hours till I can go
home and try them.  Thanks."

Todd S.


Thanks APT, Mark C

Before using APT's Pro Wrist Straps

...."Just wanted to say that I'm very pleased with your service!  My wife just told
me my straps arrived today and I only placed the order on Sunday. To already
have received a "custom" set of straps is amazing.  Now, I suppose I could
get home and find that you made or sent me the wrong things, but I doubt
this very seriously. 

Suffice to say that I will recommend you to all of my friends and clients
based on this service.  This is my first order, so if I find the product to
be as good as the service, I'll definitely be back

Thanks again for a GREAT JOB! "

AFTER using APT's Pro Wrist Straps

...."These are the best, most comfortable straps I've ever used.  Over the 20 years
I've been training, I've probably gone through more than a dozen pairs of straps. 
I've literally snapped leather straps while shrugging 585, and popped a pair of
cotton ones with only 455.  Maybe the wrist "bondage" scars from so many
years of my straps rubbing away on my wrists will finally fade with the wrist
padding on your set. 

Thanks again for what now looks like the "perfect" pair of straps...and the
phenomenal customer service.  Best of luck and success to you and your

Tom - West Henrietta, NY

..."As someone who is new to the use of straps, my training has accelerated  rapidly since the inclusion APT's Pro Wrist Straps.  Over the course of repetitive training in partial deadlifts, barbell shrugs, dumbbell shrugs and rows, my hands were constantly beat up and sore.  I even sprained my wrist resting the dumbbell head on it during a set of dumbbell rows, rendering me on the shelf for 6 weeks of training.  Since I have included APT wrist straps into my training, my partial deadlifts have improved 40 pounds, barbell shrugs, 75 pounds and dumbbell rows are a walk in the park.  No more sore hands but a nice level of upper back development and increased strength due to the heavier loads I can now handle.  Alan at APT is customer driven, constantly upgrading his straps to meet the needs of the lifters.  APT has helped improve my training and competition performance tremendously."

Thanks, Bob Fabiano
Michigan USAPL and AAPF

....."just wanted to let you know my straps arrived today.  To say I'm impressed would be a gross understatement!!   There unreal, the quality and feel is excellent.  I have full  confidence that I'm easily going to pull well over a triple bw silver $ deadlift when I next do them with your straps................. I'll get someone to take a picture of me doing it....which should be near on 700#s. "

...."I used my straps for the first time the other day.........and they were as good as I expected........... better. I pulled 650 in the $ DL and I couldn't even feel them digging into my wrists.  The quality really is that good.   Sadly the gym in were I train won't allow me to take pictures."

Many many thanks for sending them so quickly.

Best Wishes, Paul. Liverpool, England

Logical Training Board

...."I love the free set of "Ultimate Plus" Pro Wrist Straps that I won from your Whats News e-mail sign up. I actualy like them better then the set of motivators I bought. I have told everybody I know at the gym about your web site, hopefully you will be getting a lot of much deserved buisness. Keep up the good work, you have a customer for life, or until I can't lift anymore, Hope that day never comes!! Keep up the good work."

Bryan E. Moyer


...."Thank you so much for the great Pro Wrist Straps.  I love them.  I have been showing them off to all my buddies at the gym who are very envious of me.  I am giving them your web site so if you get alot of new orders from Washington State,...... you'll know why.

My only wish was that you would make knee wraps and wrist wraps then I would be all set.

Again, thank you for the lifting straps.  I will continue to show them off and use them especially for my back and shoulder workouts.

Sincerely, Cheryl B., Silverdale Washington

"I just wanted to thank you for the lifting straps.
I pulled some stiff legged deadlifts during my last
workout and they were awesome !!!!  I must admit they
are the best straps I ever used and I have owned about
every type made.

    I wanted to enter your two man deadlift, but my
partner has a hamstring pull and the dead line passed.
I did think this was a great idea and would like to
know if you do another one.

     If there is anything I can do to help your
business ..... please let me know."

Later,   Ken Hubbard

...."Hi, this is Andy Kuhn and I ordered some wrist straps from you late last year.  I ordered a pair of the "Motivator" and I have to tell you I absolutely love them. I play college football so I use them often when doing heavy cleans and shrugs and I it's quite funny because people are always asking to borrow them.  Even my head Strength Coach and the other Graduate Assistants love them and they often borrow them.  I'm sure that some of the guys will be buying some soon.  The website looks great and is easily accessable and these are the best pair I've ever had.  I'll be ordering my wrist straps from APT from now until the day I die!!  And the service was great APT was nice enough to send a couple different pairs for free to show my coach so he could see which ones he likes.  He said as soon as his budget freeze gets cleared up that he'll be adding some so our equipment so once again, thanks!"

Andy Kuhn

Collegiate Football Athlete and EXTREMELY satisfied customer!

...."My name is Lana. I am a trainer at Gold's Gym in Walnut Creel, California. I have been a trainer for a VERY long time. My father, Aldo Battagello was a trainer for many years before me, so we have been through every strap, wrap, (crap) you can imagine.  I use straps mostly for my rows, lat cable work and dead lifts. I never really liked them much because the lifting straps that I used would tear up my wrists and leave marks like I had been tied up with rope. I have to be honest here and tell you that I thought that I was buying "another bunk set" of lifting straps.  I ordered yours because you offered so many different color combinations ( ok, I am a girl! :) and styles, so I gave it a try.  I received your Pro Wrist Straps last Monday and Alan, I have to tell you that they are just FANTASTIC!!!  I love the comfort and they are quality. I can't believe that you sell these custom straps so cheap. Finally, a "GOOD" lifting strap. I will be purchasing more from you today for my clients as I want them to get the best bang for their buck.

 As a business owner myself, I know how important it is to pass on good feedback when I see or use quality products.  You have a great thing here and I am positive that the other weight lifters appreciate your dedication to the weight lifting strap business. "



"I wanted to tell you how pleased I am with the wrist straps I ordered from your company, and which arrived the other day. Your straps are the Lamborghinis of wrist straps. Today was the first time my back gave out before my grip while deadlifting. "
Sincerely,  Adam R

....."I received your Pro Wrist Straps last Saturday and went through a complete training cycle to evaluate them.  I must commend you on an excellent product.  I feel that these are a must for any hard-core bodybuilder.  The exercises I used these for were; High pulls, upright rows, deadlifts, bent over rows, weighted chins, and stiff leg deadlifts.  My first response was "AWESOME", I could hardly feel the weight.  Also, there was no damage to my wrists like when using conventional straps.  Thank you very much for the opportunity to use your fine products you have my full endorsement.  Good Luck and continued success!"

John W. O'Brien, 
Amateur Bodybuilder  http://www.getbuf.com/athletes/jobrien.htm?femalemuscle.com

...."I just received the wrist straps you sent me and they are great! They feel
so comfortable...and the bar feels very secure with them---like it will
NEVER slip. I heard about your website by accident...just browsing the net
actually. I have recently been reading your website daily, learning new
things all the time. I am definately going to tell everyone at my gym about
your site, and also all my weight lifting buddies from School. You can count
of me spreading the word. I'm already kind of sponsored (actually, i'm not 18 yet,
but when I will be, I hope I get the deal) by another company, a weight
lifting/suppliment company; but I will definately talk about your site as
highly as theirs. If will wearyour APT logo shirt out publicly to help SHOW what
i'm telling everyone. Once again, very nice site...and GREAT wrist straps.

PS- My stats are: 17 years old, weight 185 lb, 2nd
degree black belt in Karate, bench 185 for reps and dead 275 for reps

Take care,  Alan M, Providence, RI


....."Just want to say that your Pro Wrist Straps are the BEST straps I've ever used.  Never really thought about the difference or if there really could be in the quality, but now I know.  Had more than one person
come up to me trying to read what they say.  The padding makes a huge difference.  Usually I leave the
gym with my wrists red as hell, it was nice to leave without that annoyance.  Awesome straps bro, I'll
spread the word as much as I can!"

 Josh B. Tucson AZ.

"I have gotten the wraps and straps and ran straight to the gym to try them out.
While there they got a lot of attention. The owner of the gym liked them so I
gave him the paper work and the discount coupons you sent so he could post
them for other members or for him to use himself. The weight I have been
pulling felt like nothin' when I used those wraps and straps. Next time I'll
load it up and see what I can do. I'm sure I'll be back."

Thanks, Gary S.

...."I ordered a pair of your "Grizzly Half and Half" Pro Wrist Straps and a pair of the "Charger Loop" Pro Wrist Straps from you, two days later I was using them! Fast service!! These are the absolute best straps I have ever used! It's about time someone cared about quality. Keep up the good work!"
Mark Schroeder, Williamson, New York

...." I received the straps on Saturday the 28th and got to use them in my back workout on Monday.   I love them- they are so comfortable compared to the Harbingers  that I was using before.  If I can do anything for APTplease let me know.

 Matt Roberts, Lexington South Carolina 

-"I ordered 2 pairs of your Ultimate Pro Wrist Straps and received them a few days ago.
I have to tell you they are without a doubt, the best straps I have ever used. They
really are great. Thank you."

Dave. B.
Laguna Hills, CA.

....."I am very satisfied my Pro Wrist Straps, they are holding up very well.
I would also like to thank you again for being so understanding about the
|straps, and for standing behind your product.  I am very pleased to see that
there is still someone out there that takes pride in taking care of there customers.
Your service was greatly appreciated.and I will definitely recommend your
company to all my fellow lifters.  

Thanks, Craig L, Canton IL

...."The site is amazing.  I have been on very few sites that offer so many links to other related sites and has sucha wide selection of one product, its absolutely amazing what you have done with a fairly simple product of lifting straps and made them into something that can be as unique as every lifter." 

 Thanks again. Matt R., Lexington South Carolina

"Hey whats up APT,
Just to let you know I got the order in the mail...and wow, these are the best quality straps I have ever received. I do not understand why don't sports authority or Modell's carry these APT super-quality products. I really think you guys should expand your business and hit the nation's best sports store shelves like those of sports authority and Modells because these straps are of unreal superior quality. No Made in China B.S, and I am proud of that...besides I dont want SARS lol. Allright thanks man."
Dexter Perez

......"I recieved my lifting straps.  Totally Awesome!  Definitley made to handle
some serious weight.  I have been showing them off at the gym.  Hopefully, I
can send some business your way."

Thanks Again, Shane

I received my order today in Kuwait.  I like everything!  The quality is first rate and I
am happy with the colors as well.  I am sure that they will be an invaluable addition
to my weightlifting bag.

Many thanks for what you do and I'll spread the word that APT Pro Straps are
the way to go.

Derek from kuwait

I have never seen such customer support for any order I have made on-line.  I hope you  expand the biz into other aspects of lifting, you will make a mint.  Thanks again.
Donell A. , Battle Creek, MI

I just received my Pro Wrist Straps yesterday and wanted to say thanks. I have not used them yet but I did try them for fit and comfort. There are the most comfortable lifting straps I have put on. I showed them to a few friends at the gym today and they said the were going to check our the web site. 

  Greg M.

"Your straps kick ass! I ordered a pair a few weeks ago and I kid you not these are
the best!!!  I love to train heavy and youre straps make 200lb dumbell rows easy!!
That's right I said easy.  I'm even able to hold the weight at the top of the movement
without my grip giving out. I send a picture soon. I am a bodybuilder who can jack
some heavy iron and thanks to your Pro Wrist Straps my progress will go through the
roof.  I will be back for more and so will my buddies. "

Thank's again,
A true believer, Jered Plasentilla

...."I've never been a great fan of lifting straps, maybe because I've never used good ones. I got your straps last week and had to try them on my next workout. They were phenomenal. They were sturdy, comfortable and easy to use. I actually trap bar deadlifted 50 lbs. more than my best when I used your APT's Pro Wrist Straps!! Needless to say, I was impressed. Without exageration I feel I could have doubled my car lift reps with your straps. I've already recommended them to my lifting buddies. Thanks for a great product."
Steve M.

...."I received my Pro Wrist Straps about a month ago and that was the best 20 bucks I have ever spent.  My deadlifts feel ten times better than what they were.  Your lifting straps are very comfortable and they grip super strong around the barbell and my wrists.  I am going to refer anyone to your website if I'm asked about my Pro Wrist Straps.  Thanks again for the great product."
 Kevin B, Naples Flordia 

...."Thanks Alan, you guys have awesome customer service!! I have a pair of your Pro Wrist Straps already, but wanted some longer and with no cotton this time.

Thanks again!

Charles S., Las Vegas, Nevada

  ......."The only thing I could say about the straps at this time is they do appear to be very well constructed. I just received mine a few days ago and have not had the chance to try them out yet. I will say as of right now that they appear to be indestructable."

Thanks, Chad A. Alpine Strength Club - owner
For info on Chads Alpine Strength Club, please visit http://www.msnusers.com/alpinestrength 


....."I have been lifting / competing for about 12 years and have used every strap around.  My last pair broke about 3 or so months ago.  I got your promotional flyer when I competed in the Heartland Strongman Challenge last August in Council Bluffs, Iowa (promoter - Joe Secord).  I checked out your website and just couldn't pass up the free straps. 

I am a Strength Coach and have many athletes (about 750 this year!), many of whom use straps. I have recommended your product to a few of my harder core lifters. 

Thanks for a great pair of straps.  I will be buying another pair (IF the ones you sent me ever wear out!)  Thanks and keep up the great work!"


Steve G. Lewis, MA, CSCS
USAW Club Coach
Strength and Conditioning Coordinator
Central College

Pella, Iowa


..."Your straps are great, my kids love them and they have increased there olympic lifts tremendously. Thanks for a great product and for your generosity to the High School Lifting Program here in


Al Letcher, Strongville High School, Strongville Ohio 


.............."When I use wrist straps in my training, it's usually because I'm getting ready to lift something really heavy.  I need to know that my wrist straps are going to hold up to any punishment I dish out at them.  Whether it's lat pull downs or car deadlifts, I know I can count on my APT's Pro Wrist Straps to do the job.  The customer service from APT is unbelievable, and the selection is great.  They have any style and color you can imagine, and you can even get them embroidered.  APT is the ultimate in Weight Lifting Wrist Straps."  
   (see a picture of Juile by clicking here)

Respectfully, Julie Havelka
Pro Strongwoman/Powerlifter


..."Your products are incredible.  No doubt, the best straps on the market!  And CHEAP too.  Thanks to the extra padding, I no longer tear up my wrists as I used to do with those cheap, no padding straps.  Nice work bro."

Reid M., New Orleans  LA


...."I have just received my custom APT Pro Wrist Straps that you made for me. I have only one word to describe them....AWESOME. They are like a work of art, infact I kinda in a way don't want to use them cause they are sooooo cool."

Thank you., Kevin S.


..."APT's Pro-wrist straps are awesome. The extra long straps you made for the GNC Show of Strength to be used in the 2 inch flint-stone deadlift were awesome.  Before those straps I could only get 8 reps but with the APT Pro-Straps I got 14 reps at the contest. The straps are comfortable, strong and they look great.  Because of the high quality of your straps, Mastiff Strength Equipment by Powerlift will now offer only APT's Pro Wrist Straps to our customers." www.power-lift.com       www.mastiffstrength.com

Thanks Again, Bryan Neese, Pro Strongman Competitor
1999 IFSA US Champion 

..."I do not know about any of the people in here but me and a couple of my friends who lift heavy have problems with straps RIPPING w/in one months use on us !! Then some guy I knew told me about these wrist straps at APT's Pro Wrist Straps.  I visited the site and found what I have been looking for for years. This company specializes in STRAPS ONLY, so they probably are going to be the best you will EVER come across !! I am so pleased with them that I will never buy a different pair of straps again in my life, they are so strong and I don't think they WILL EVER RIP on me. You get a choice of 3 different materials to use for the straps to make it EXTRA STRONG. You can get initials emroided on the straps or just match your favorite colors. Black striped and white striped mixed, any color you want, etc etc etc.. If you want some STYLISH gear and the STRONGEST strap out there you need to go to this site. The regular materials can hold up to 1600 lbs or 4000 lbs with the super strong materials. I have used them for 2 weeks now and they were the missing link in my training. Even if you're satisfied with your current pair of straps b/c they aren't ripping on you, you should pick a pair of these up for STYLE ALONE !! Hope you are as satisfied as I am. I would not tell anyone any bull**** about lifting gear. If you're serious about lifting check out this site.. http://www.prowristsstraps.com/ .  I just wanted to help some people out if you're having problems with straps as I did. LATER"

Found posted on a weight lifting forum discussion board from a currnet customer

........"APT's "ULTIMATE" Pro Wrist Strap set is AWESOME! I've pulled top racks with well over 1000lbs & a Silver Dollar dead with 850 in competition so far with no fraying, no tearing, nothing! The wider strap is great. It doesn't cut or bind like most straps I've used. You're LOCKED to the bar. If you come loose, check your wrists & make sure your hands are still attached. Try a set - you'll love them."

Click here to see John Beatty pulling 850 and 1215 lbs

Stay motivated...John Beatty, Pro Strongman Competitor 

......."I like that the "ULTIMATE" style set is longer and I get a good wrap around the bar and feel extra confident because I know how strong they are.  I absolutely love them and will use them for all my lifts. I am so impressed with APT's Pro Wrist Straps that I will definitely use them when I go for my record attempt."

"Thanks APT for an outstanding set of lifting straps" ......All the best, "Big Tony" , Pro Strongman

Click here to see "BIG TONY" pulling 900 lbs

"Big Tony's Wife" Tracy Scrivens as told to APT...
....."Cuz they certainly are strong straps.  Well built, well sewn.  Tony loves their length & comfort, but what he really enjoys is the security of them.  They don't slip and no matter the weight he pulls or lifts, he knows they will be there for him.  He's never been able to say that about any other straps he's tried over the years."

thanx much for all your help!   Tracy S. 

...."The APT's Pro Wrist Straps that I purchased are great!! Before I used them, my hands would get torn up during some workouts, especially back workouts. Now my workouts are comfortable and seamless, best grip ever!!"

Charlie,  Antioch, CA


......"I think that the link to your website on the USAPL NY State championships website is a great idea, that's where your serious lifter's are at. Your FREE strap give away is great, word of mouth is powerful. APT's Pr Wrist Straps website is actually very good and it's motivating to see the pro's get their lifts on. Awesome. Thanks for the time to send a pic of my straps, it's nice to know that some companies still care about customer service instead of the "buck". I have a freind that is still waiting for a bench shirt for up to five months, that's crap."

Kevin C., Chemung, NY

............"When I received my personalized  wrist straps from APT, I was astonished by the quality and beautiful embroiderery work.  They did them just perfect, just like I asked, Red and Black with my nickname on them "RAMMER" outlined with white.  Awesome!!  I will never lose these or have them stolen again.  Thanks APT for giving me a heavy duty great looking pair of wrist straps."

Anita C. Ramsey, NPC Southern States, Heavyweight and Overall Bodybuilding Champ

...."Love my straps.. most comfortable straps ever... I really gotta  get a pair for my girl, she uses the nasty little ones that cut into your wrist...bad....................  she tried mine & loves 'em.    She's just gotta pick out her colors now."

                                               Thanks, Matt Krochmal

...."My name is Andy Graham and I bought a pair of your wrist straps in August of this year.  I am new to weight training and bought your wrist straps because your website is the best one that I found.  It was very informative and you guys have a great selection.  I love my wrist straps and I tell anyone who asks me that APT's Pro Wrist Staps are the guys to buy from.  Thanks for a great product."

Sincerely, Andy Graham 

......."I've never used straps that felt as comfortable and sturdy at the same time as APT's Pro Wrist Straps feel when I'm training.  The support is superior, and the length is perfect.  APT's Pro Wrist Straps are the BEST for serious lifters."

Thanks APT,..............Yaz Boyum, Professional Female Bodybuilder
(Click here to see a picture of Yaz) 

...."The straps I ordered are great.  They are the most comfortable I have used.  I am sure they will last longer than previous straps I owned."

Joe Kopacz, Strongville Ohio High School Strength & Conditioning Coordinator

lifting strap products..... The stongest straps I've used, and service.....Quick shipping

Nick C., Lake Charles, LA.

Thanks a lot...I apologize if the order mistake was mine.  I must say that I am very impressed by the customer service you have provided.  I'm looking forward to the straps...if they're as good as your service, I'm sure I'll be pleased!
Jim E.  Kansas

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