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Professional Weight Lifters, Clients and Users of
 APT's Pro Gear and other products.

This is a VERY SMALL list of some of the Pro users  and
supporters of APT's Pro Gear and other products,
but we think that you get the point!

Ronnie Colemen does not play around and neither does APT
See why Ronnie Coleman Supports the Famous APT T-Shirt!

Pro IFBB Hall Of Fame Shawn Ray Shows and the Ladies
his FAMOUS APT Pro Gear Logo T-shirt
at the  2007 Arnold Classic Expo!!
WHY, because Shawn Ray simply knows QUALITY GEAR!!
See for yourself here

Pro Sports & Teams
US Olympic Committee
Alanta Falcons
Dallas Cowboys
Oakland Raiders
New England Patriots
Ben Williams NFL Football Player
Brock Lesner (WWF/WWE....Wrestling)
Ken Shamrock UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championships)
Mike Miller WWE Pro Wrestling

Military Branches
West Point Military Academy, West Point, New York
Air Force
Coast Guard
National Guard
United States Coast Guard Academy

Police Departments & Correctional Facilities
Tucson Police Department, AZ
Palm Beach County Sheriffs Office (Training)
Colorado Correctional Center (Huge Supporters)
West Virginia Federal Correctional Institution
Hampton Police Div., VA
Will County Sheriff's Training, Lock Point IL
San Diego Sheriff's Department
Clackamas County Sheriffs Office

Pro and Amatuer Bodybuilders (Some Lifters listed below use but do not "officially" endorse APT's Products)
Ronnie Coleman, Winner 98, 98, 00,01, 02, 03, 04, 05 Mr. Olympia Winner
Chris Dickerson
Ed Corney
Craig Titus
Gustavo Badell, Winner, 2005 Iron Man
Stan McQuay
Bob Cicherilloz
Boyer Coe
Patrick Richardson
Frank Zane
Dave Hawk
Lee Priest
Cathy Priest
Kris Dim
Troy Alves
Garrett Downing
Melvin Anthony
Dave Palumbo
Bob Burke
Milos Sarcey
Chris Dickerson 
King Kamali
Gunter Schlierkamp
Markus Ruhel
Kelly Ryan
Branch Warren
Dexter Jackson
Dennis James
Marvin Ward
Kevin Levrone
Heinz Senior
Jason Dayberry
Flex Wheeler
Dave Henry
Ron Harris
Julie Palmer
Shawn Ray
John Hansen
Rob Kreider
Anita Ramsey
Yaz Boyum
Eddie Robinson
Vince Taylor
Jo Jo Ntiforo
Christian Lobarede
..........and many many more!

Featured in these Weight Lifting Publications (Non Paid and Paid)
Oxygen Mag
Muscular Development
Muscule Mag International
Physique Competitor
Muscule & Fitness
Planet Muscule (Front Cover with Lee Priest)
BodyGuard Mag
Monster Muscle
Max Sports Mag
GNC Physical Mag
Double XL

Universities, Colleges and Schools, Athletic Dept/Coach Orders
Effingham County High School
Skutt Catholic High School, NE
Colby Sawyer College, NH
Tufts University, MA
University Illinois, IL
Parisi Speed School, MS
Tuffys Gym, FL
Vermont Technical College, VT
The College of St. Scholastica, MN
Texas Tech University, TX
OK State University Campus Recreation, OK
Akron Public Schools, OH
Saint Peter's Boys High School, NY
St.Patrick/St.Vincent High School, CA
Adrian College, MI
Allegheny College
Appalachian State University, NC
Ballston Spa High School
Birmingham-Southern College, AL
Boston University, MA
Carnegie Mellon University
CITADEL University
Coastal Carolina University
East Carolina University
Eastern Illinois University
Excel Fitness Solutions
Flordia State University
George Washington University
Gilpin County School
H. Lee Moffitt Cancer Center & Research Institute
Hammonton High School
Horton High School
Humphrey Public School
James Madison University
James Mason University
Kent State University
Keyser High School
Lakeville South High School
Liberty High School
Louisiana State University
Mar Vista High School
Mississippi State University
Missouri State University
Ralph L. Fike High School
Roosevelt High School, Colorado
Seagraves Independent School District
Syracuse University Track & Field
TCU University
Tom Bean High School
TUSLA University
Uinversity of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign Middlebury College, Vermont
UNC-Chapel Hill Athletics, NC
University Nevada Las Vegas
University of Connecticut
University of Louisville
University of Maryland Strength and Conditioning
University of North Carolina
University of Perdue West Lafayette, Indiana
University of San Diego
Veterans Middle School
West Point Military Academy, West Point, New York
West Virginia State University
Wheaton College
Whitnall High School

Wyoming University
Ball State University, Indiana

..........and many many more!

Other Weight lifting Related Businesses
Elite FTS, Ohio
House of Pain, TX
Alignment Resistance Training
Tanton Training Systems
Fitness of Youth Personal Training, MA
Parker Family Chiropractic, P.A, TX
Flatline Powerlifting, LLC
Turner Fitness Center, OK
Mike's Gym, NY
Body Athletica, Canada
Pullum Sports, UK
Planet Bodybuild, UK
501Fit, MN
JP's Gym and Equipment
Prayer House Fitness, TN
Feel Good Fitness, MA
Marshfield Muscle & Fitness, WI
Physiques Finest, Utah
Firm Fitness, MN
PowerFlex Gym
Garage Ink Powerlifting, PA
Allegheny River Health Club, PA
Harbor City Crossfit, FL
The Flying Trapeze School, FL
SheriMorganFitness, IL
Team Marshall Sports , CA
Dolphin Fitness Club, NY
Sport and Health, VA
Powerflex Gym, MS
Elite Sports Group, CA
Max Effort Strength and Conditioning, MI
Knuckles Fight Club
KoKopelli's Gym
Physiques Unlimited
Precision Fitness
Newbody Health and Fitness
The Bench Press
G Factor Nutrition
Evolution Gym
Natural Health and Chiro, ND
Maximum Health and Fitness
Uptown Fitness, MN
San Diego Personal Training
Goodlife Fitness, Canada
SynGen: High Performance Strength Coaching, Canada
Gear Up L.L.C
Max Effort Strength and Conditioning, MI
Andalusia Athletic Club, AL
BioFlex Gym, MS
TSH Inc, DBA Lodi Physical Therapy
ACE Fitness
Jackson Weightlifting Club, MI
Pat's Personal Training
Optimal Performance Training
Goldsgym, Arlington VA
Bay Athletic Club, MI
Ultimate Physique Gym
JB Sportsresearch LLC, NY
Lifeforce Fitness Center
Ques Total Fitness
Westchester YMCA, CA
Hudson Valley jiu-jitsu
Mountain Island Fitness
Treehouse Athletic Club
Synergy Fitness & Sports
Cardinal Health
The Village Health Co
Huge Iron Distributing, FL
Conditioned By Kelly Tekin, Inc
Northwest Physical Therapy, IL
Sweezy's Gym
BioFlex Gym, MS
Capitol Area Fitness by Design
MuscleTrap LLC
Body Balance
Nimbus Nutrition
Southwest Fitness Products, AZ
Silverlake Recreation Center
Arrogant Bastards Strongman
Battle Sports
Solid Rock gym
DeFranco's Training Systems
York Barbell
Kentuckiana Fitness
Timeout Services
Quantum Physiques
Optimum Athletics
Power Physique Systems
Physical Performance Solutions
Lean Bodies Consulting, Inc
Lower Keys Powerlifting
Bowden Family Chiropractic
Max Muscle
Southside Fitness
Evolution Sports Performance
American Fitness
CrossFit RVA
New Home Fitness
Super Supplements
Supplement Central, PA
Body by Colaw
Fitness Together
Team Xtreme USA
Golds Gym
Body Designs Fitness Centers
Pro Active Chiropractic Group
Health Care Equipment and Parts
Extreme Fitness
FHU Fitness Center
World Gym Paso Robles
Lifetime Training & Nutrition
World Gym
Big Jerk Inc Powerlifting
Chartered Family Health Center
Muscle Works Gym
Hanisak Sports Performance
Power House Gym
Foothill Fitness
Elite Fitness Systems
Aloha Fitness Club
Palmer College of Chiropractic
MESO Sports
Advanced Chiro & Rehab
Rocky's Gym
Iron Brothers Barbell
Arrogant Bastard Gym
Diablo Barbell in Concord
Choice Of Champions
The Weight Room
Critical Bench
Heavy Sports
Foley Baseball
Brute Strength Gym
Solid PFT
Fitness by Wade
The SuperSlowZone, LLC
South FL, Fitness
Dave Dephew
Iron Woody Fitness
Lifetime Training & Nutrition
The Gym
Strength Club Gyms
Optimum Fitness

Professional Powerlifting sanctions where WORLD RECORDS ARE BROKE!
WPO (World Powerlifting Organization)
APF (American Powerlifting Federation)
AAPF (American Amatuer Powerlifting Federation)
IPF (International Powerlifting Federation)
USAPL (United States of America Powerlifting)
APA (American Powerlifting Association)
WPA (World Powerlifting Alliance)
AAU (Amatuer Athletic Union)
WNPF (World Natural Powerlifting Federation)
WABDL ( World Association of Benchers and Dead Lifters)
NABBA/WFF - (All Wraps products are approved)

Pro and Amatuer Powerlifters, Companies and Organizations
....To include Olympic Style Powerlifting
IPF (International Powerlifting Federation)
Brent Mikesell
Terrance Brooks
Rebecca Phelps
Jim Phelps
Robert Thompson
Joey Smith 
Brandon Cass
Mike Miller
Chris "OX" Mason
Gary Reicher
West Side Barbell
Big Cody
Nazareth Barbell
Karins Extreme Powerwear
APA (American Powerlifting Association)
WPA (World Powerlifting Alliance)
AAU (Amatuer Athletic Union)
WNPF (World Natural Powerlifting Federation)
NAP Powerlifting
BS Weight Lifting Equipment
Dru Patrick
Wade Jonson
.......and many many more!

Pro and Amatuer Strongmen/Women and Organizations
NASS (North American Strongmen Society)
X-Treme Strongman
Brad Cardoza
Chad Coy
Zack Gibson
Julie Havelka
Steve Kirk
Phil Pfister
Alastair Christie
Brian Nassar
Byran Neese
Casey Viator
Big Tony Scrivens
Derek Farnsworth
Tod Becraft
Jessie Marunde
......and many many more!

Bob Burke, an APT sponsored Bodybuilder

Dorian Yates, Pro Bodybuilder
Takes a few minutes with APT at the Arnold Classic on 1 March 2003 in Columbus Ohio. Dorian is a legendary 5 time Mr. Olympia winner! www.dorianYates.net

Vince Taylor, 5 time Mr. Olympia Masters
winner meets up with APT at the GNC 2003.

Nassar El Sombaty
IFBB Pro takes a few moments to say hello to Alan from APT

Kelly Ryan (wife of Craig
Titus) Kelly is one of APT's biggest supporters

APT hangs out with Willie Wessels Pres. of NASS
Willie and NASS are big on APT and what it offers

Jojo Ntiforo Pro IFBB Bodybuilder shows off his new set of APT custom letered Pro Wrist Straps published in FLEX Magazine (tm). Thanks for your support Jojo!!!

Claud Groulx wins the Masters Mr. Olympia 2003 and APT congratulates him on his win.

Lee Priest is a HUGE Supporter of APT

Lee Haney takes a
few minutes with APT

Lou Ferrigno
APT sizes up next to Lou at
the Arnold Classic 2003. What do you know
about the HULK? (TM) What a GREAT guy!!

Frank Sepe says "What's Up"
with APT. Super nice guy!!

Idrise Ward-El 2002 Mr USA Winner
tells APT that I need to eat more Protein?

Pro Strongman "BIG TONY" Scrivens and APT himself

Pro Bodybuilder Shawn Ray meets up with APT

Craig Titus and APT himself talk LIFTING STRAPS

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Bodybuilding Weight Lifting Powerlifting Strongman
New Weight Lifting Bodybuilding Products
New Products II
Products List Page
Bodybuilding, Weight Lifting, Powerlifting, Strongman Products
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Tons Of Photos Here
Weight Lifting Articles Powelifting Stongman & more....
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