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WNPF Powerlifting

Drug Free Powerlifting

Strongman Strong Man Photos, Strongman Strong Man Pictures,
 Strongman Strongwoman Information. See APT's Involvement
with Strongman Strongwoman and its Quality Products.

HUGE APT Pro Gear Strongman Supporters
Matt Makousky, Chris and Pete "The Minnesota Crew"

The Strongest Men
Click above

Jim Phelps and his recent win at the Louisiana's Strongest Man Competition 
Photo courtesy of Dr. Boudreaux of Cajun Spine & Sport

Weight Lifting Equipment Powerlifting Strongman
Band spacers, fat bars, deadlift helpers, chalk bowls and stand, farmers walk bars and more for strongman
Rehband Elbow, Rehband Knee, Rehband Calf & Chin
2007 Rehband Products are HERE NOW at APT Pro Gear!! More Coming VERY Soon!!
Rehband Knee, Rehband Elbow, Rehband Calf Chin Support, Brace and Sleeve.  Buy in each or in package sets.
Crazy WEIGHT LIFTING Powerlifting Videos HERE
Post your own for all to see

1-1/2" Thick Manila Strongman Rope Tug A War Ropes
50 Foot Length, tensile strength 16,625 lbs
Rope is great for all Strongman events
Rope is great for all Tug A War contests

Strongman Videos Strongestman Video Strongest Man Vids
100's of Strongman Videos Strongest Man video here
Strongman Videos Strongestman Video Strongest Man Vids II
MORE: Strongman Videos Strongest Man video here
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Sale Price:
Out of stock
Strongman Truck Car Pulling Harness
Also Purchase three 3300 pound Quick Link hooks
Strongman Truck Car Pulling Harness
APT Truck Car Plane Train Semi-Truck
Pulling Harness for Training and events.
(Best price in the industry for a Pro Grade Harness)
STRONGMAN Football to Track and Field  !!
Professional Grade and built to last the
TOUGHEST pulling competition out there.
Built in 3 (three) sizes Small, Medium and Large.
(Click the title for photo and to purchase)

Atlas Stone Molds Strongman Atlas Stones
8" through 24" Atlas Stone Molds. 6" & 8" reinforcing
bar, 25 lb & 50" lead inserts.  Make your own & save $$$$


Robert Ratcliffe APT Sponsored Strongman from England
Turn up your speakers for this page,........but not too too high!!  :-)

Check out this very cool web site dedicated to the Scottish Strongmen!

Weight Lifting, Powerlifting Artist Quality Sculptures
Sizes range from 7" to 20" Tall.  Super Quality Grade
Sculptures for event placings or collections.  Several
Sculpture designs to choose from. Excellent gift purchase.
(Click the link above to see the designs and photos)

Zachary "ZACK" Gipson on the Strongman Tire Flip
Zack is an APT sponsored Strongman and Depends
the quality of APT's Weight Lifting Products.

RI State Championships Strongman Strongwoman
Tons of Photos in this link, give is a few seconds to load!

Highland Strongman Challenge Team, BIG supporters of APT.
This is a tough looking bunch!!
These guys are Rough, Tough and ready to COMPETE!!

Joel from www.HouseOfMuscle.com is a true supporter of APT's Products. 
Check out this deadlift. Now thats some serious weight.

Strongman Tod Becraft, 50 reps and 500 pounds
Yes, 50 reps.  Tod only trains with APT's Pro Wrist Straps because
he knows and trusts their quality and strength.

APT Sponsored 400 lb Mike Miller is one tough Strongman!!!

Dale Norris(Wales Strongest Man) and Alastair 'Big Al' Christie  from Scotland
both are sponsored by APT and love to show off their APT FAMOUS shirts!

APT was a proud sponsor of the Tony Scrivens 2005 Strongman Challenge!

900 lbs from Pro Strongman Big Tony Scrivens at the
Northeast Wisconsin Strongman Challenge 14 Aug. 2004
Big Tony pull a massive 900 lb Strongman deadlift
and always depends on his APT Pro Wrist Straps
Those are 100 lb plates, not 45's!!!!

Pro Strongman John Beatty lifts 1525 lbs on a Strongman
partial deadlift at the Strongman Snowman 2005 challenge


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There is still time........
Take 10% off
order, ENDS 22 April 2014
midnight. Code is 

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